The future of analog is here — and learning with us! Over three days in August, we launched an inaugural initiative to provide hands-on analog experience to 6-12th graders who are passionate about STEM and AI. Participants in our pilot program worked side-by-side with Mythic employees to grow their curiosity, learn about analog compute, and build a working product.

Students worked with employees to learn about edge processing with microcontrollers, MicroPython, breadboards, and various sensors. They also learned about how analog signals enable electronic devices to do math that mimics how the human brain works – processing tons of data points at once to make sense of things – and how analog signals get converted to digital signals. 

From building their own laser tripwire alarms to protect their rooms from siblings to learning about accelerometers and data analysis in creating an earthquake detector, students brainstormed and implemented their own sample projects. Students even learned about debugging as they investigated and fixed an unexpected error in the example code. This program would not have been a success without all the support and work of our Mythic community. Since this was the first year of Mythic Camp, participants were nominated to participate by friends, families and community groups. In the future, we look forward to expanding the program with more students to build the next generation’s passion for AI, analog compute and more!

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