pushing local ai into new territory

powerful vision

Mythic’s platform frees local AI from the cloud and conventional on-device technologies that limit sophistication. And while high-energy draw means other platforms will run short of project goals, Mythic does the opposite by delivering powerful local AI with minuscule battery drain. So wherever opportunity arises, Mythic helps push boundaries to get there first.

advance your products with deep learning

wide applicability
imagine these scenarios
  • Autonomous Drones

    An autonomous drone monitors a forest fire, alerting crews to new dangers and breakouts, all while processing 4Kvideo on board.

  • medical smartphone

    A smartphone offers the insight of 100 medical specialists to doctors working in remote areas of developing countries, providing expertise in everything from cardiology to orthopedic surgery.

  • battery-powered monitors

    Placeable anywhere, act as virtual eyes and ears, morphing into tightly coordinated security teams able to discern real threats from innocuous action and report accordingly – or even function as virtual inspectors