AI Without Borders

With no compromises on throughput or battery life, Mythic makes it easy to push local AI to any device. Using digital/analog hybridization to compute inside memory, our unique local AI platform puts desktop GPU compute capabilities and deep neural networks onto a button-sized chip – with 50x higher battery life and far more data processing capabilities than competitors.

Pushes Local AI Into New Territory

Mythic’s platform frees local AI from the cloud and conventional on-device technologies that limit sophistication. And while high-energy draw means other platforms will run short of project goals, Mythic does the opposite by delivering powerful local AI with minuscule battery drain. So wherever opportunity arises, Mythic helps push boundaries to get there first.

Now it’s possible to advance products with deep learning that lifts the limits on edge computing and bring datacenter-scale AI to every device. Imagine:

A fitness band becoming a life coach or a fridge a meal planner
An autonomous drone that keeps people safe and helps save lives
Scattered monitors morphing into a thinking security team
A smartphone that’s a medical specialist, or even 100 medical specialists

Bring Next-Level AI To Every Device

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