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"The Era of Analog Compute has Arrived"
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AI's immense potential is being constrained

Innovation is constrained

Today’s digital processors are tremendously expensive to develop and overly complex to use, restricting innovation to only the largest technology companies.

Inference is a challenge

Inference is what enables a neural network to perform in real-life situations, as it encounters new data. Inference on today’s digital processors is a massive technical challenge.

Edge performance suffers

Edge devices running AI must meet demanding requirements for size, performance, and power consumption. Legacy architectures simply can’t keep up.

Mythic puts advanced AI inference within the reach of all

A leap forward in performance and affordability

Mythic IPUs (intelligence processing units) offer huge advantages in power, performance, and cost. They lower the barriers to innovation, making it vastly easier and cheaper to create effective AI solutions.

A unique architecture for inference

Mythic IPUs leverage analog computing, by performing the calculations required for the inference stage of deep neural networks inside a flash memory array. This represents a significant advantage over typical digital architectures.

Built for the most advanced workloads

With Mythic’s integrated development environment, AI developers can quickly deploy even the most sophisticated deep neural networks, confident that they will perform effectively anywhere from the data center to the edge device.

Mythic is leading the way in reshaping the future of AI

Redefining industries
  • Smarter cities and spaces

    Real time understanding makes cities and spaces safer and more sustainable

  • Personalized devices and services

    Consumer electronics and services customized to each user’s preferences, personality, and needs

  • Safer and simpler vehicles

    Multimodal perception forms the bedrock of safe Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS stacks

  • Intelligent machines and robots

    Precise factories and farms maximize resource efficiency based on changing environments