About Us

Mythic pushes local AI beyond today’s edge so that every device people rely on can become a trusted, intelligent, personal assistant.

Mythic envisions a world where every device is intelligent, with human-like senses and high-level understanding of the environment around it. To realize this we built a team of top talent who bring decades of industry experience from across the entire computing spectrum – empowering everyone to challenge assumptions and eliminate the barriers to achieving our mission. They’ve gone beyond conventional digital architectures, memory, and calculation elements – rethinking everything from the ground up: From transistors and physics, through circuits and systems, up to software and AI algorithms.
The result: Powerful life-enhancing AI that customers can push into anything – from fitness bands and hearing aids to self-driving cars and robotic drones.

Our Leadership

Mike Henry
Founder and CEO
Dave Fick
Founder and CTO

Our Board

Steve Jurvetson

Steve foresees the future long before others, as evidenced by DFJ’s backing of companies like Space X, Tesla, D-Wave and now Mythic.

Shahin Farshchi

As a Partner at Lux Capital Shahin empowers visionary entrepreneurs to build iconic companies in AI, robotics and space technology.

Technical Advisory Board

Mike Noonen

Mike founded Silicon Catalyst, the first incubator for semiconductor start-ups and brings 30 years executive experience in the industry.

Naveen Rao

Naveen is a leader in neural network software and hardware and is the CEO and Cofounder of Nervana Systems.

David Klein

Renowned as a research scientist in neural computation and AI, David was head of algorithms at Audience Inc.

Todd Sullivan

With 15 years experience as a venture capitalist and advisor to technology entrepreneurs, Todd has founded four successfully-exited startups.

Join Us In Changing The Future Of Local AI

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