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Mythic envisions a world where every device is intelligent, with human-like senses and high-level understanding of the environment around it. To realize this we built a team of top talent who bring decades of industry experience from across the entire computing spectrum – empowering everyone to challenge assumptions and eliminate the barriers to achieving our mission. They’ve gone beyond conventional digital architectures, memory, and calculation elements – rethinking everything from the ground up: from transistors and physics, through circuits and systems, up to software and AI algorithms. The result: Powerful life-enhancing AI that customers can push into anything – from fitness bands and hearing aids to self-driving cars and robotic drones.

meet the team

our leadership

  • Mike Henry-Redwood City, CA
  • Dave Fick-Austin, TX
  • Tim Vehling

    SVP, Product and Business Development

  • Ty Garibay

    VP, Engineering

  • Boris Beylin

    VP, Software Engineering

  • Nakul Shaji

    Sr. Director, Manufacturing

  • Jean Xin

    Director, Business Operations

  • Frederick Soo

    Head of Product Development

  • Anita Lim

    Director, People Operations

  • Hung Nguyen

    Senior Fellow, Director, NVM

  • Manar El-Chammas

    Director, Analog Design

  • Malav Parikh

    Director, Digital Design

  • Kevin Broe

    Sr. Director, Physical Design


  • Shahin Farshchi

    As a Partner at Lux Capital Shahin empowers visionary entrepreneurs to build iconic companies in AI, robotics and space technology.

  • Andreas Stavropoulos

    Andreas is a General Partner at DFJ and is DFJ's resident software expert. Andreas is a big believer in building powerful platforms to bring developers together under an ecosystem; his thinking jives well with Mythic's vision of being the platform of choice for AI at the edge.

  • Rene Haas

    Rene Haas is the president of Arm’s IP Products Group (IPG) and a member of the Arm Executive Committee. Rene took over management of IPG in January 2017 and is responsible for all IPG activities including product development, engineering, sales, marketing, and commercial operations.

  • Nina Richardson

    Nina was formerly COO of GoPro, and an executive at Flextronics before that. Right now she sits on the board of Silicon Labs, Zayo, and Willow and is also a close advisor to the executives at Zoox.

technical advisory board

  • Mike Noonen

    Mike founded Silicon Catalyst, the first incubator for semiconductor start-ups and brings 30 years executive experience in the industry.

  • Naveen Rao

    Naveen is a leader in neural network software and hardware and is the CEO and Cofounder of Nervana Systems.

  • David Klein

    Renowned as a research scientist in neural computation and AI, David was head of algorithms at Audience Inc.

  • Todd Sullivan

    With 15 years experience as a venture capitalist and advisor to technology entrepreneurs, Todd has founded four successfully-exited startups.





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