we see a future where...

  • A device like Alexa becomes truly conversational

    An assistant that learns by speaking with users, acts accordingly, and keeps personal details private. A fitness band acts as a life coach that responds to spoken questions about the calories in a meal. Or even a fridge that assists as a meal planner.

  • An autonomous drone

    Monitors a forest fire, alerting crews to new dangers and breakouts, all while processing 4K video on board. Or a camera acting as director and editor, taking spoken direction, recording only the one face wanted out of a sea of people, then finding and editing scenes per voice command.

  • Battery-powered monitors

    Placeable anywhere, act as virtual eyes and ears, morphing into tightly coordinated security teams able to discern real threats from innocuous action and report accordingly – or even function as virtual inspectors, monitoring and reporting on machines and infrastructure.

  • A smartphone offers the insight of 100 medical specialists

    To doctors working in remote areas of developing countries, providing expertise in everything from cardiology to orthopedic surgery – and even enabling conversations with patients by simultaneously serving as a universal translator, reporting on machines and infrastructure.