Deploy powerful AI on an unprecedented scale

To date, expensive and power-hungry hardware has made it difficult to deploy effective AI widely. Mythic’s integrated hardware and software platform is designed from the ground up for sophisticated neural networks and inference workloads. Our unique IPU computes using analog technology instead of digital, delivering significantly faster results at much lower power consumption versus typical digital processors.

Mythic’s solution is an ideal choice for any workload requiring high data-throughput, low power-consumption, small size, and high accuracy.


Improve recognition and tracking, even in low lighting

Small, powerful, and easy to integrate, Mythic IPUs enable greater accuracy, speed, and scale for your surveillance system. Process and analyze 4K video directly within your camera or edge device, improving accuracy and performance. Maximize coverage and generate better results while minimizing the cost of deployment and operations.

Track and identify objects faster

Identify and assess even complex objects quickly through powerful, in-camera analytics.

Drive reliable facial recognition or redaction

Track and recognize faces reliably and instantly, while minimizing false results. Or protect subject privacy by rapidly and completely redacting faces from video.

Improve low-light performance

Boost resolution and recognition in low-light and other challenging visual conditions.


Enhance system efficiency and intelligence

Smart factories and farms require a combination of automation, intelligence, and system efficiency. Mythic offers a powerful, efficient IPU that can easily be put in the field, accelerating the deployment of predictive algorithms that increase output and quality.

Adapt to changing conditions

Build smart, adaptive systems that respond automatically to environmental cues. This enables less manual intervention and ensures any issues are caught early.

Improve quality control

Boost product quality by replacing infrequent human sampling with constant machine inspection. Catch every flaw, even those too minute for human perception.

Scale automation as needed

Deploy in all kinds of environments at all points of scale – from the smallest to the largest. Edge computing allows for cost effective deployment over large areas, with no network connectivity needed. Analyze petabytes of data in parallel for all of your lines or assets.

Data Center

Run the workloads of the future

With Mythic accelerator cards, you can run neural networks at scale across all of your data streams. Support a broad range of neural networks (CNNs, RNNs, Dense Networks), deploy using PCIe or M.2 ports into your existing infrastructure, and cut your cost of ownership.

Bring your own network

While many custom Neural Network ASICs are optimized for certain types of CNNs or arbitrary benchmarks, our flexible matrix-multiply accelerator architecture allows users to run their real-world custom models irrespective of sparsity or topology.

Scale out your best user experience

Capable of processing high resolution data across highly accurate neural networks, Mythic makes it possible to perform inference across live data for your users.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Neural network inference is compute-intensive and power-hungry, requiring costly hardware, advanced cooling infrastructure, and kilowatts of power. Mythic IPUs are efficient and scalable and easy to fit into your existing infrastructure.


Improve system resilience, accuracy, and security

Mythic enables deep neural network processing directly within the device, reducing vulnerabilities in your application. Process complex, diverse data types locally with near-zero latency, high accuracy, and extreme security. Deploy in even the smallest ground-based or airborne devices.

Redefine security by eliminating data transfer

Keep all data directly within the device, significantly cutting risk and complexity for security infrastructure.

Deliver unmatched performance and accuracy

Satisfy even the most exacting mission-critical requirements with fast, reliable analytics and high data throughput.

Embed in small mobile devices

Integrate easily into airborne and ground-based mobile devices. Take advantage of the small size and low power requirements of the Mythic IPU.


Deploy safer, higher-performing driving systems

Offering a revolutionary advance in power and AI compute capability, Mythic enables you to design solutions that deliver a compelling, safer driver experience. Manage, analyze, and act on streams from multiple sensors in real time. Deploy at scale by reducing the cost of system design and implementation.

Improve driver safety and reliability

Achieve near-zero latency, delivering real-time results to the car and driver and enabling faster decision-making.

Manage high-volumes of real-time sensor data

Pull in multiple sensor data streams, including lidar and radar, without compromising speed or accuracy.

Integrate easily into system design

Optimize your design with Mythic’s unique combination of small footprint, low power, and high performance.